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eWIX: Document Management Service

eWIX: Document Management is a web-based service that allows organizations to easily make paper based files instantly available as electronic files without the cost of imaging systems, scanning or training.

This outsource service allows an organization to send paper documents to NCD facilities and have them available at their desktop as quick as 24 hours later. This service provides document management for all paper files without a capital investment, without any training and without any risk. This service is easy to use, easy to deploy and affordable.

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Cost Comparisons
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  • Scanning pages up to 8.5" x 14" is no charge
  • Indexing (identifying searchable keywords or numbers) is a small one time charge per document
    - not necessarily per page
  • Access is a small monthly charge per workstation starting at $20 per user
    - based on the number of workstations licensed
    - unlimited access, NOT PER CLICK
  • Storage is charged based on the actual storage used per gigabyte
    - Estimate approximately 30,000 documents per gigabyte
    - between $25 and $100 per gigabyte