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Applications of ewix online document management system include accounting, customer service, shipping and receiving, human relations, and medical records

eWIX: Document Management Applications

Using the eWIX document management service provides many solutions for your organization.

Accounting - Accounts receivable and payable can move all invoices on-line to make them instantly accessable. By converting all invoices to an electronic format the need to search through a filing cabinet is eliminated. An invoice can be instantly retrieved while on the phone with a customer or vendor.

Customer Service - Customer service representatives can have instant access to sales orders, packing lists, etc while they are on the phone assisting a customer. Reps have the ability to assist customers without lengthly hold times or callbacks while documents are being located.

Shipping/Receiving - Warehouse and shipping departments rarely have space to spare for filing vast amounts of shipping and receiving information. All this information can be stored in eWIX and instantly retrieved at any computer. Misplaced paperwork can be a thing of the past making any warehouse more efficient.

Human Relations - HR can store all resumes, employee records and surveys in one convenient place. Keeping track of important records becomes easy by using the eWIX: Document Management system.

Medical Records - Patient Records can be instantly available from multiple locations - physician's office, hospital, clinic, and residence. Medical emergencies can be attended to quicker when patient information can be accessed in seconds.