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EHR Government Stimulus

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The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) recently was authorized by the federal government to spend more than $19 Billion dollars to develop and implement EHR (electronic health records) and related security solutions.

This health information act will qualify users to receive substantial financial reimbursements if EHR solutions are aquired and implemented prior to the year 2011. Physicians can qualify for reimbursements of $44,000 - $64,000 and hospitals of $3-$11 million over a five year period starting in 2011.

Problem -

The government has yet to establish EHR standards which will determine which ehr systems will qualify for reimbursements. To further complicate the issue, users are expected to aquire and implement solutions in 2009 and 2010 to qualify for maximum credit reimbursements.

Lastly, if an EHR solution is not implemented by 2014, not only will you be unable to collect reimbursement, but you will be subject to financial penalties.

Solution -

  • a) Convert your historical medical records to electronic files using NCD's "free document scanning" offer currently available
  • b) Access and store electronic medical records on NCD's low cost "eWix" web repositor service
  • c) Identify "EHR" solutions that meet federal "EHR" standards and purchase prior to 2011.
  • d) Move your electronic medical records from the eWix Repository to your new "EHR" solution and/or retail eWix services as back-up or disaster recovery.

There is additional eWix information on this site at "Online Demo", "Document Management", "Document Scanning", and "Medical Records".

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