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Fax Reception to EDI/XML Catalog Solution

NCD's Fax Reception to EDI/XMLSolution automatically receives your faxed orders, converts the information into electronic data, and then turns that data into EDI ANSI X.12-850 purchase orders or any of 100 other electronic data formats to meet your needs, typically in 30 minutes or less. With paper faxes, every fax you receive has to be manually retrieved, routed, and then re-keyed into your order entry system so you can process the order. NCD's Fax Reception to EDI/XML Solution eliminates the high cost, errors, and burden associated with manually handling your faxed orders.

Fax-To-EDI Service

NCD's Fax-To-EDI Solution enables companies that already use EDI to be able to trade with a greater percentage of their EDI community. Fax-To-EDI will allow your non-EDI enabled trading partner to send you faxes that will be converted into EDI, XML, or any other format so that you can electronically process the inbound fax with your existing EDI application. Realize the cost and accuracy efficiencies of your existing EDI application by signing up for NCD's Fax-To-EDI Service.

Fax to E-mail Service

NCD’s Fax to E-mail Service is the foundation for the Document Capture and Management Service family of services.

NCD Fax to E-mail Service is an Internet fax solution that allows users to receive faxes in their e-mail. Users are given a unique NCD fax number which is mapped directly to their e-mail box. When faxes are sent to this fax number, they are converted into TIFF or PDF files, attached to a standard e-mail message, and delivered to the user’s e-mail account. The e-mail can be opened, read, printed, stored and forwarded, just like any e-mail message.

Fax to E-mail Plus Service

NCD’s Fax to E-mail Plus Service is an enhanced version of Fax to E-mail service with the ability to route an inbound message to a destination selected from a table of e-mail addresses, rather than just to the single e-mail address associated with the inbound fax number.

For example, Insurance companies route claims to different processing centers based on the state in which the claimant resides. The service could automatically route a message to the mailbox based on capturing the value of NY in the state field.

Fax to E-mail Plus Service eliminates the need for customers to manually analyze and route messages thus reducing current labor-intensive data-entry processes.

Fax to Database Service

NCD’s Fax to Database service creates database records that combine the received image with associated index information that is captured and verified from predefined fields within the image. NCD’s Fax to Database service eliminates the personnel costs associated with the creation of databases since the system creates these database records automatically. The database records are exported in an agreed upon file format to the customer. NCD also offers the ability to host the databases at the Document Capture and Management Service facility providing access through a Web based interface or searchable CD-ROM.

As part of our service, we deliver a complete digital forms archive and retrieval system, allowing your staff to access the original document within seconds from their desktop.

Fax to Data Service

NCD’s Fax to Data Service dramatically cuts costs, improves accuracy and virtually eliminates any external data-entry personnel. This service is an automated data entry capability which captures information on a received form, verifies it with human operators, and then converts the information into a ‘live’ data format. This data is then exported to customer production systems through various methods.

A recent industry study indicated that 76% of US Companies manually rekey information received on forms.

Fax to Data Plus Service

NCD’s Fax to Data Plus Service is an enhanced version of Fax to Data Service with the ability to perform a high level of validation to the data captured from various fields. This process can check data against business rules such as minimum order size. This service offers the added capability to expose time consuming and costly information entry errors before they are integrated into a customer’s processing system.

For example, a paint manufacturer will only ship 50 one-gallon minimums and if an order is placed for only 20 one-gallon cans of paint the order will be rejected.

Data Conversion Service

NCD’s Data Conversion Service enables companies to exchange data in different data types, formats and structures. This bi-directional service enables customers to use one consistent data format and to communicate with many other companies which require different data formats. NCD supports over 100 data formats which includes XML, EDI, text file, CSV, Excel and other commonly used proprietary formats. Data validation and business rules compliance capability enables NCD to deliver a high quality of data.

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NCD Medical Recieves 2009 Best of Willowick Award
June 8th,2009

WASHINGTON D.C., June 8, 2009 -- NCD Medical Corporation has been selected for the 2009 Best of Willowick Award in the Hospital Equipment & Supplies category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).