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Features of eWix store and scan on demand include quick access, web-based, digital, and low-cost with no up-front investment

eWIX: Store & Scan On Demand Features

The Store & Scan On Demand service provides many features that allow for an exceptional user experience, including:

  • Quick access to all X-rays and records
  • Electronic web requests
  • Digitize information when needed
  • No up front capital expenses
  • simple and easy to use
  • Only requires a web browser and Internet connection

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Scan on Demand
Cost Calculator

Linear feet stored:
Files retrieved per week:
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We charge a small monthly fee for storage. Digitizing is based on turnaround time.

  • Based on number of linear feet.
  • Based on turnaround time
    - rush and after hours retrievals available.
  • Electronic
    - small digitizing fee
    - upload to eWIX is free
  • Physical
    - using common carrier
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